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Honeywell Intelligrated is a material handling automation and software engineering company based in Mason, Ohio. In 2017, Honeywell Intelligrated reported revenue of $1 billion. Honeywell Intelligrated has production and service locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and China.

David Allen Brewer recounts his negative experience as Honeywell Intelligrated's former employee on May 4, 2016, on Intelligrated FACEBOOK page:

"I've never been more miserable. This place is a go-nowhere company with many extremely biased and "big-headed" representatives, who show favoritism to a very small minority and do more "policing" for, rather than contributing to the company. The moral within this company surpasses any low that I've ever experienced, and for understandable reasons. I see people who had been working there for many years have their "lead" positions "yanked" from them, and we're demoted to receive much less [money] for twice the work. Employees are encouraged to "tattle" on each other for petty reasons, but punishments are inconsistent and with obvious double standards. Leads and some supervisors will often punish those they do not like by giving them the most unpleasing job duties, and more often than not will see to it that "undesirable" strengths in competent employees are punished by unjust termination. I could write a book on the negatives of working for Intelligrated, but I think you can get my point with what I've already shared ... best of luck to you!"


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Former Employee - Mechanical Engineer says

"After the Honeywell purchase, I had concern about layoffs. After speaking to several people that had been through their own Honeywell acquisitions, the consensus was they would make some leadership changes, but keep most everyone else on payroll. BUT I was also told "people will just leave." I thought this to be an interesting statement, yet it has proven to be 100% accurate. Over the years following the acquisition, all the senior leadership was replaced with corporate lackeys that did not share the previous management style that had fostered the tremendous growth of the company and sense of belonging for employees. Gone were the friendly and engaged conversations between upper management and lower level employees, replaced with the corporate BS so commonplace in multinationals like Honeywell. Honeywell is 100% focused on shareholder satisfaction, and 0% of employees. Townhall after townhall meeting employee concerns were dismissed, and well respected employees (including company founders) that had departed were badmouthed by high-level speakers. Company focus shifting to shareholder satisfaction over customer satisfaction meant the quality of product and support of products suffered substantially. Intelligrated always prided itself on being “one of the most desirable places to work in Cincinnati.” Interestingly, post-Honeywell the 3rd party surveys were no longer distributed. As far as compensation goes, base pay was decent. Profit sharing had been part of compensation pre-Honeywell, but it was taken away. 401k matching went up(marginally) to a pretty decent level, BUT only if you remained for the entire year. Vesting went from day 1 to 3 years. Vacation went from a standard years-of-service based increase to “unlimited” vacation. Most people handled this reasonably, and continued to take similar time off, but some individuals took advantage of the situation. This prompted departmental changes to limit the unlimited vacation, directly against the corporate policy. It also meant that you would no longer get vacation paid out if it was remaining when you left the company. Raises also mostly became mostly non-existent. Very limited pools of money were made available for managers to distribute to their employees, so even exemplary performance would net a raise barely equal to cost-of-living increases. As far as actual working conditions, these started high, but have been moving (quickly) in a downward direction since Honeywell. There were a number of large projects that were handled by my group, and while some of these required lots of extra working hours, the premium pay compensation was decent. I left before the new policy of 48+ went into effect. When I started we were 100% domestic and had great working relationships with other engineering groups throughout the country. The Honeywell changes pushed a lot of engineering efforts to “LQRs” (low quality regions), and that relegated domestic engineers to be project managers with constantly changing “resources” based in India. Constantly changing team members meant a big reduction in productivity, and many projects could not be completed on schedule due to bringing the new people up to speed almost weekly. There was also a big difference in the quality of work and vested interest in the product. I signed up to be a design engineer, not a project manager, so that change was a big negative for me. There was a constant battle between product engineers and “cost out”(make it in China) engineers that wanted to cheapen up the products, without regard for the quality of the finished product. Components were looked at singly, rather than at a system level. The cost-out work(including very nasty “negotiations” over pricing) resulted in many longstanding great working relationships with suppliers being destroyed. One specific example from a 15+ year supplier was “don’t ever f-ing call me again.” There were also wedges pushed between the different product groups, with favoritism being overtly blatant. Only managers pets got promotions; everyone else was stagnated in position. The only options were lateral moves to work on different products, or to other engineering groups. In short, Honeywell destroyed the company that I had fully planned on retiring from, and I have a number of years of work remaining. I wish others still remaining there the best of luck, but would suggest looking elsewhere for a company that cares about it’s employees. I have been overwhelmingly happy since leaving; I knew I didn’t like it there, but didn’t fully realize how bad it was until I left."

Former Employee - Controls Engineer says

"Honeywell constantly takes away employee benefits to boost shareholder earnings. Management only wants complete more and more projects but fails to see what needs to change for successful projects. You will be burnt out in 2.5 years."

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"-Piss poor leadership; bad leaders in positions they should not be in. - Zero growth despite excellent reviews and/or feedback. Leaders seem to want yes men in higher up positions for further org control - raise cuts, paycuts /furloughs - slave labor hours to support poor engineering quality/lack of a stable product. - weekends weekends weekends. You need to work every single weekend. Even when off site but mostly on site. Prepare to miss out on your personal life as long as you work here. -Blame falls on the wrong individuals for a product that just isn’t there / engineering isn’t there. - Software engineering is extremely political rendering it impossible to maintain a schedule or customer satisfaction - no visibility on where the product is and where it’s going. Company almost seems as though they want their employees to be on an absolute need to know basis. Probably because everyone knows that folks don’t stay much longer than a year."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"They recently rolled out a new overtime policy. It was 45 hours before they start paying premium time for the engineer and now it’s 48 hours. No more holiday pay. So if you happen to have to work over holiday or weekend. You basically will be working for free. Furlough is also a new thing at Honeywell. They furlough their employees once every quarter to make their number looks good hoping that they won’t disappoint their investors. They do not care about their employees AT ALL. Few big names already left the companies for the competitors so I don’t expect this company will last very long. Employees start leaving the company right after the furlough and pay cut. They also want to limit your meal expense to $40 a day. That’s right, they want their top not engineers to spend “$40 a day” on their meals. That’s even less then how much they give to the installers because the installers are getting per diem"

Former Employee - Electrical Engineer says

"Honeywell is an absentee landlord. Since the Honeywell purchase, local control of our facility has been slowly moved one level at a time over to Honeywell personnel in other states. Now, local issues that would have been identified and fixed quickly in the past fester while offsite managers and directors do nothing to address them. The chain of command is constantly changing as well. This affects everything from sales to manufacturing to delivery to customers. They can't even fix the bathrooms that have been closed for over 2 months. Our entire office was furloughed for a week this year. This resulted in most having to work nights and weekends before and after to keep projects afloat. They also have made drastic changes to how people are compensated for working over 40 hours."

Current Employee - Abc says

"Poor decisions, very unorganized, they treat employees like slaves."

Current Employee - Robert says

"Management is actively making this a worse place to work by the day. Honeywell corporate ran off the sales folks so we have so few customers anymore. Salaries are stagnant, furloughs every year can be expected despite high earnings, no work/life balance, corporate makes unrealistic projections then cuts money from employees to look more profitable, reduction in overtime pay for the same amount of work. The list goes on, Honeywell does not care about employees, they are a slave to the shareholders and are happy to work their people ragged."

Current Employee - Project Engineer says

"Honeywell. since Honeywell Purchased Intelligrated the following have occurred: -Furloughed all employees. -Overtime policy changing or completely removed (Coming in a few weeks) -Pay for Travel time being removed (Coming in a few weeks) -Benefits have been slowly getting worse(cost is the same but you get less for it) -Hiring/promotion freezes even with increased sales and higher need. -Outsourcing as much engineering work as possible to india and Mexico. -401K changed to single payout per year -removed profit sharing bonus"

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"Everything is over-processed. Too much focus on the numbers, little to no focus on processes. Metrics metrics metrics; reports reports reports; slides slides slides; duplicate information put in multiple places; Skype meetings that take up most of your time so you accomplish little. too many roles at corporate in place strictly to hold other people accountable - and accountability meetings that add no value. No trust either direction. Every day morale plummets."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Honeywell is a cutthroat corporate entity. Intellgrated just got put on furlough despite exceptional profits and propping up Honeywell for the past 2 years. Just last week the Honeywell CEO, Darius Adamczyk, was one of the signatories on the Business Round Table pledge to not focus solely on shareholders. It was clearly just lip service."

Controls System Technician (CONTRACT) says

"This is a terrible place to work the conditions are horrid. No ac, employees openly spit on the floor, management is a joke, it's all about getting the production out. No work life balance."

Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Go as a temp until the job you want opens up. Then just show up on time if you want and hang out. Very unprofessional, very unorganized and family and friends who have no idea in what they are doing are advanced. Just a bunch of people who could really care less. Getting worse and worse everyday. Almost all the people there hate it and want to quit or just don't care because they are temps"

Customer Service Technician III (Current Employee) says

"poor management, no support from IT extremely noisy work environment no reward or recognition for work written policies and policy subject to change with out notice.noneplenty"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"I'm used to HR departments being somewhat useless, but Intelligrated takes the cake for the worst of the worst. A close associate of mine recently interviewed for a role at Intelligrated and was brought in for 3 rounds of interviews. Each time the promise of "we're looking to make a decision soon" was given. After a few weeks, a professional follow-up phone call would be made, only to be given a rude "we'll get back to you in a couple weeks" response. Months later, after another follow-up call they told my friend that "they are not filling the role now, but may in the future". It was very clear that their HR department was completely incompetent, not at all aware of average salary levels for given job titles. It's doubtful that things will change at Intelligrated...when you refer to their website and see their bloated "Leadership team", which consists of 22 white males.nonelack of diversity, lack of respect for candidates"

Laser Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"When Honeywell took over it really went downhill, the new management and shop supervisors are inexperienced in this industry. Their concerned more with percentages and efficiency numbers looking good for the upper management, they even go as far as creating orders for parts not needed just to look good on paper.They overload the plant with work and mandatory overtime always, I spent 3 years mandatory working there.It was a good company that was ruined by greed.CoworkersManagement"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Leads are not trained, good ole boy mentality, Plant manager down to leads only treat those that are friends or relatives well.Leadership doesn't want suggestions, productivity is more important than that of safety or quality.noneThe company as a whole."

Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work at this time because they just got bought out by Honeywell corporation last August 2016. So lots of restructuring which means lots of laying offs left and right. Cutting costs everywhere. Very clickish type of culture. So if you are not being liked by everyone in your dept although you work hard and always reliable, you will always feel like an outsider. You need to kiss their behind to be liked. Lots of back stabbers at the field service type of jobs. So, always need to watch out with your behind. Benefits are not that great because of restructuring. So many cut backs on old benefits.Being restructured by larger parent corp ownerClickish type of culture working environment. Cut backs with restructuring."

Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Worst experience. Phone screening with HR/Recruiter, then had in person with Supervisor, AutoCAD assessment, then waited 45 minutes for Operations Manager to come in, should have taken that as a red flag and ran. Went over conveyor layouts and general resume questions. Took a month to hear back about getting the position. Was told a lot of "great to hear" things about the job, then once started those went away. The supervisors enforced rules they themselves did not follow. Lacked training opportunities and guidance. Very clique-y, smokers abused their breaks. OM eventually quit, supervisor eventually was fired. Engineering is getting shut down."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"From my understanding since the company was taken under new ownership the work environment changed. It feels like you are being paid to just sit at your desk and do nothing up until management suddenly dumps a half done project/task into your lap you know nothing about. You find yourself spending a lot of time backtracking to obtain info. In the end your work either becomes obsolete, or you are being grilled for not being efficient enough with your time. Management also avoids all questions and issues like the plague until it's something that effects them personally. This is not a teamwork environment and it shows in their business relationships with costumers.Good PayEverything else"

Customer Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"This job was not a first choice for me. The position didn't take advantage of what I have to offer as a technician and offered no room for advancement. Management is not overly concerned with personnel, only results no matter how they have to get them.Decent pay.Everything else."

Electrical/Mechanical Service Technician (Current Employee) says

"Worked hard for this company overtime and staying over to help with breakdowns. Went above and beyond for them. Did not miss any days in two years time. Always on time. Basically they threw me under the bus because managment will not back you. They are out to better themselves and dont care about you."

Installer (Former Employee) says

"This was a good place to work in the Intelligrated days when everyone worked together for a common goal and thenHoneywell came along. Now every department is against the others and the good people that knew the business have either been replaced or decided to leave because of Honeywell . HR is treats good workers like garbage while protecting lazy trouble makers. It is very sad to see one of the best places most of ever worked get destroyed by the new owner’s arrogance .The pros either left or got let goThe cons should be what we call new management"

Assembler/Production (Current Employee) says

"They pick and choose. Only certain people get the advancement opportunities. There Union is all for the company and unhelpful. Good coworkers but poor management. Always sending people home early do to lack of parts"

Site Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"If you value your scheduled off time, do not work here for the contract maintenance department in any type of leadership role. You’ll be on the phone and laptop around the clock. All the departments that are supposed to support you such as parts, tech support, sales, and upper management fail every time you need them. Advancement at this company requires more and more travel time and more responsibilities with very little in compensation for the extra inconvenience and responsibilities In return. It’s better to remain a technician, keep your life, and live off the decent raises that are given every year."

HR (Former Employee) says

"Replaced homegrown leaders and culture with corporate Honeywell "check the box" types. Honeywell leadership is only concerned with quarterly results and not customer satisfaction. No concern about employee welfare, worklife balance or job satisfaction. The SPS division of Honeywell, and Intelligrated in particular, is facing serious attrition issues and does not know how to correct it. No maximum time off is great in theory, it also translates to no minimum amount of time off... you are always working.Learn a lot in a short amount of time, The attrition is so high you learn how to pick up what others left behindpretty much everything"

Supervisor, Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"The upper management is very poor, unrealistic work hours, very restricted work conditions, No good IT support, communication with upper management is poor to say the least,!!!!!!pay is goodmanagement is very poor"

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Significant retention issues. Zero training or resources available. Layoffs, pay compensation changes are very common. Would not suggest this company to a friend."

Conveyer system Installer (Former Employee) says

"Intellihrated is a stuck up company who only hires Mexicans. The white employees get the short end of the stick. We get all the dirty jobs while the mexicans get the office and adminstarative positions. The pay is horrible and the hours suck. The coworkers are all Mexicans that only speak spanish and can't undesrtand any English.Any body applying with Intelligrated stay away.low pay, horrible hours, stupid coworkers."

Specialist Field Service Tech (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend you to work here. if you are out of job then work for then until you get new opportunity. Extremely horrible management they always 150% work from their employee with less benefits and same salary.good to have name in resume for future jobsWork life balance = 1/5, Will not grant leave when you need. Really Bad HR and individual Manager own policy"

Senior Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Honeywell accepts and plans for unpaid furloughs, so consider that when determining your salary requirements. If the company financials do not meet goals, you may be unpaid for a period of weeks to regain financial targets."